Price of work on 16mm and 35mm films
code item
  All cleaning, repair, restoration work, etc., is estimated after the items submitted have been verified.  
0016 Teflon double sided treatment  
0024 Teflon double sided treatment + cleaning  
0010 Cleaning release prints  
0009 INTENSIVE cleaning of release prints  
0005 Cleaning negatives-inters-originals  
0001 DAEMS protection varnish (for new copies)  
0025 DAEMS protection varnish + cleaning  
0013 Double-sided renovation (cleaning, scratch removal both faces) of release prints  
0012 Restoration copy of work + copy for HD or TV CINEMA
Split-up items
0017 Restoration backcoat treatment  
Restoration with anti-mould treatment (long term preservation) tri-acetate, polyester
0014 Copy  
0015 Original negatives  
Restoration with "vinegar syndrome" treatment
0007 Copy  
0008 Original negatives  
0002 32mm cut  
0004 Labour fee 43.00€ per hour
  Refurbishment of perforations and splices ask for quotation

WORK ON 8mm, S8mm, and 9.5mm films
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0021 Super 8 reel end-to-ending  
0011 Renovation 2 sides  
0022 Renovation 1 side  
0006 Simple cleaning